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I like to play a game called the nap roulette. The game is about taking a nap without setting an alarm. Will it be 20 min or 4 h? Nobody knows, it's risky and I like it

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I think my next goal will be to do compressions during a code. Gotta get experience somehow.

I’m working a 12 and I forgot to bring my water. Someone send the fire dept. I need my hydration :c

Don’t be a dumb bitch. That shit will ruin your life

Proud of myself for packing chapstick. That’s that adult preparedness shit

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please remember that saying "mailman" is increasingly an anachronistic term from a bygone era.

try to replace it in your personal lexicon with the much hornier "postal daddy."

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Night shift at the hospital. Let’s see if this coffee actually keeps me awake.

working on a blog is such a labor of love. sometimes i wanna just delete the entire thing

I need anime recommendations that will make me cry as hard as I did for Violet Evergarden and Koe no Katachi. tyvm

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Life protip - do not keep nail clippers and headphones in the same pocket of your bag. :ohdear:

Note to self kids, don't let your judgement be clouded by your thirst for some dick and or pussy.

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>As you might have already been aware there are companies who are exploiting utorrent/bittorrent mainline and slowing down your downloads. This method is called "peer flooding". Its affecting all versions of utorrent and bittorrent mainline clients. If you are using these clients - for now we recommend you to switch to another client until its resolved by the developers of utorrent.
µtorrent abd bittorrent software status: non-free/libre software.
What a surprise.

I'm so flustered I could heat a house. I'm confused by this girl's eagerness to blindly trust someone she's met a month and a half ago. This boy already gave her the keys to his apt. Like GIRL

And then, she's unable to answer any of the questions I ask including who's his little, who's his bay leader, what color scrubs does he wear? Who's the class president?

She's unable to tell me if he's a 3rd year or 4th year. Monday she told me he was a 4th year, and then today she told me he's finishing 3rd year. HONEY, the 3rd years finished in MAY and started as 4th years in JUNE

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