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:sims:​ Sometimes I just feel like I'm a Sims character left unchecked, doing incoherent things without any player input :akko_tired:

Daily reminder that the US is funding Israel's war on Palestine 🤮

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Damn knowing I'll witness society collapsing in my lifetime is an amazing and scary feeling at the same time :akko_tired:

Uber drivers that don't talk and just vibe to the radio, I love you please never interact with me :akko_lewd:

If you or your friends/neighbors don't have a Toyota Corolla model 4 three-door hatchback from 1979-1984, it means you are the Toyota Corolla model 4 three-door hatchback from 1979-1984. :akko_fingerguns:

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“For capitalist propaganda to work, you have to lie about communism. For communist propaganda to work, you have to tell the truth about capitalism”

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Les US c'est vraiment un pays tarré

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Good day for a few friendly reminders:

1. Putting topics behind a content warning helps people manage their own stress.

2. Putting uspol in the CW, or #uspol in the text, helps non-US users filter out posts that aren't relevant to them.

3. Setting post visibility to Unlisted or Followers Only can help keep some Home timelines on-topic.

4. Roughly 200,000 of us have been here less than a week, and they're acclimating to a new set of conventions, so let's try to stay constructive.

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Please keep mastodon unprofessional, imagine business people using this fucking series of tubes

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