why are plants so perfect 🥺💕

[ID: 7 different plants sitting on a table with a leaf-shaped mat]

please sir, can aye ‘ave some more retoots

[ID: popsicle sticks captioned “pepsicle sticks” in red comic sans font because this tutorial is top notch]

a s’mile? that’s way too long of a walk

i still have nightmares centered around courage the cowardly dog episodes ngl

i’ve never said a single thing that makes sense iirc

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homestuck au where everything is the same but kanaya's sign is the monster logo

s’cute 🥺 what are we naming it folks??

(ID: a small green plant with 3 circular leaves, lightly striped with light green, sitting in a plain white pot on the floor.)

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heck yeah just picked up a watermelon peperomia

imagine going to bat for a billionaire lol

negative//mh//body image 

genuinely hard to comprehend how people people must feel being even mildly attractive. like how does that feel. i have no redeeming traits what the fuck am i supposed to do lol

idk what i’m even rambling about, i don’t have enough hair or the face to pull off shaved/bald lol i’m doomed. i’ll shut up now

i really don’t want to wear wigs tbh, i’m really sensitive to touch/feelings and i think/know it will drive me bonkers

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