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someone remove the internet from me before i do something horrible

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clarification: i mean as in the things you put stuff on, like kitchen tables

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Domain block, reiteration and requested hashtag 

Reiterating that

is a instance with a single user who just spread lies about other instances


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listen I don't really need to say this but: enby folk have genitals, some have boobs, we aren't god damn androids jfc

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@kaniini you don’t post. you certainly don’t “toot”.

you “bang” and “reload”.

rn my solution is writing a new toot, pasting in the link and saving it as a draft
its really not ideal though

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oh yeah i remembered just now
my parents told me they wanted me to be born a girl, and they set up like girl decorations for me before my gender was known
stuff like girl toys, barbies, whatever
well little did they know

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No screen reader or braille displays, no eye tracking for the paralyzed, no information to screen magnifiers so they can move while typing, no . 100% fuck you GTK. Fuck. You.

What does this mean for disabled people? Back to Windows for you!

might fuck around and flip my pfp upside down

mastodon should really have a bookmarks feature, i used them so much on The Bird Site

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