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might as well advertise a game i worked on here:
it a puzzle game! its kinda like baba is you but its cuter and open source and free and More Feature

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Husband is too clunky a word. I would like to propose, the Mife

Money, International Move, Asking For Help 

yknow its sorta weird how ive never done an introduction on here and the most introduction you can really get is from my bio
might do one sometime

also pilotredsun - bodybuilder getting stuck is such a good thing cus now that i relisten to the whole album i remember how goddamn good it is

i feel like more people need to know about pilotredsun - bodybuilder's 1:35
please, give it a listen. or dont
i love prs's music so goddamn much and that part is definetly a highlight of his work
check it out if you can :blobcatuwu:

Important PSA for people living in the US: The FCC has been forced to reopen public comment on the Net Neutrality decision following a court case by Mozilla. The influx of bots (suspiciously using the names of telecom subscribers) that were anti-Net Neutrality has caused this. The FCC is trying to bury this, and very few are reporting on it.
To (re)file your thoughts on the FCC's decision, go to Proceeding 17-108 is Net Neutrality. This ends in March.

he not like, the bananaa
cat no banana

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