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neonazis be like
we need to save the pure white race. god i want to fuck an asian woman so bad

Feet aren't even attractive to me I think it's just a dominance/submission thing. Help

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Saw this awful video of some guy INTENSELY and DEEPLY sucking toes in a tattoo shop and it made me want to cry, but then the horrible thought of "I want to do this to asuka" crossed my mind I feel like I'm slipping into the darkness

I actually really like his English dub too, it's kinda different in tone from Sugita-san but still very pleasing

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His performance as Asuka is so gentle and calm uuuu. I want to lay on his chest

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After the stream YT started autoplaying Revalator's after story A... Sugita-san's voice πŸ₯Ί

None of the current characters really speak to me so ehhhhhh. I will def give big chungy a try tho

If true, Strive bros I will see you all on the battlefield in 2022 πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜” and then proceed to get absolutely owned for not knowing how to actually play by that time

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Instantly gone to thinking catboy will now be the last character as it goes with story DLC as well... damn

Everyone seems to be hoping for Goldlewis... I wouldn't be mad tbh

It felt very similar to how I would occasionally get in HS so πŸ€ͺ we'll see how the next few days are ig

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Now that I'm home I feel normal... I wonder if it was just an anxiety reaction lmao

If I faint in the covid vaccine after care room remember me fellas... let my spirit know if asuka drops as dlc tonigh4

Holy shit I actually feel awful this time jesus

don't cringe because it's over ... pog because it happened
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