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Personally I think Asuka is a strong contender for first DLC, he's featured pretty prominently in the game OP and he's a major story character (as well as one that hasn't been playable prior)

Even if it's not him I'll be satisfied tho, all the characters are bretty gud imo

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10 hours until we see if they turn this into a coomer game for me

Sorry not sorry that I never stfu but Asuka... I love him

me: I don't need other people to be happy :) [becomes obsessed with a fictional character instead like a boss]

Strive not having a digital figure mode is homophobia. I just want to pose and stare at my beloved catboy, is that too much to ask

today i saw the rating "breedable/10" and now i reflect

Science look is the only sexy design I don't make the rules

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Official Asuka rating from yours truly:
Xrd - absolute disaster. What is this design. What are those EYEBROWS. What is with the CAT EARS. Still cute cute. Catboy/10
Strive - adorable. No idea why he feels the need to cover up with like 10 layers of clothing but he's cute so it's okay. Tiny and more resembles the female characters. Breedable/10

Saw someone call GGST Asuka sexy and I'm just here like. Bro u good

Came to the realisation that Asuka and Ramlethal have quite a similar face shape and design and ???????

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