(struggling like an old person to remember how to export/import follows)

Lord this instance has been slow recently... might go back to my own at some point

@jyushimatsu The OST actually *does* have longer versions of all the songs plus bg music, which is an absolute blessing

I physically own the OST so if you want I can rip it whenever I get the chance

@jyushimatsu That scene haunts me and it's pretty much the only one that I actually remember :ACNH_Fearful:​

The anime was a major disappointment but at the very least it had some songs that were pretty gud come out of it

IT WAS RAINING, I WANTED TO LET HER IN SO BAD... but I know that would be a bad idea πŸ˜”

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Started petting this kitty outside and she was so nice... and then she wanted inside 😩

@gamer People I know irl have sent me submissive and breedable memes and...


@duck For single-user instances Pleroma is best imo, Mastodon is extremely resource intensive and Misskey is not really well-supported in terms of apps

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