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Why did my roommates turn off the heat when it's -30 out... just why.....

I barely remember how to draw but that ain't stopping me!!

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Bought a drawing tablet and it arrived today... I'm having a good time

>ex re-follows me bc ???
>just SB them
>they delete all their old replies and DMs to me

LB jesus christ. Is Pleroma actually on its deathbed now

consoles are the peak of capitalism
cheap locked down devices that are literally illegal to use in any way other than exactly what the company intended
and that have a finite lifetime because the servers go down eventually

14 gacha pulls and still no marionette Mafuyu... life is pain

Nyar December update: Asuka still makes me hhhhhghgWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa [collapses on the ground]

I grinded my ass off some of the Eden events so it just sux, I've never had the desire to go back since. My roommate was also BIG into Enstars (level 600+ account iirc) and hasn't been able to bring herself to come back either

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