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tfw you only know a song through nightcore remixes and when you listen to the original version you're like "woa this is slow"
Platonically sharing social security numbers

Now that I'm done with Fatamoru I think I'm gonna tackle DRV3 for the sole purpose that Kokichi shares a dub actor with Asuka

tfw open the front door and there's just a bus crashed into a tree across the street 😢

The fact that Gou has left such a negative impact on Higu as a whole for me is honestly disheartening :ACNH_Sadness: I was pleased with the conclusion of the original arcs and the vague connections to other WTC novels but now it just feels... eh

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My favourite parts of Gou were the parts where they actually did new stuff (like the stuff with HS-age Satoko and Rika) so if it was just more of that, I would be cool. But I don't really want to see mediocre answer arcs to mediocre question arcs that were barely even original

My disappointment from Gou + every damn shot in the first 7 minutee just being recycled absolutely killed my desire to watch. Ryukishi how did this happen

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bimbofication drinking game, take a shot every time you think


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