anyone have suggests on blogging from with -mode?


Thanks for the mention!

@null_radix Try it out, and feel free to ask any questions :)

@kaushalmodi @emacsomancer working on packaging hugo for guix... after that though i'll go for it

@null_radix (Of course, it's excellent to have hugo packaged for guix, but --- as a stop-gap --- it is in nix already, and so could be installed via the nix standalone package manager in guix system.)


@emacsomancer @null_radix @kaushalmodi

There’s not hugo in guix, in fact I started packaging it and got bored after 20 or so quirky packages, but there is haunt.

Haunt is a very lean, but very expandable, static page generator written in Guile Scheme.

The thing is there is ox-haunt that offers a very workable subset of ox-hugo functionality!

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