I switched from nix to guix to nix. I really do miss scheme but flakes are nice!

every now and again, i look back remember how awesome i used to think coffeescript was.

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This well-researched #longread reminds us that #Putin has been puppeteering right-wing extremists since the 1980ies when he was a KGB man in Dresden, GDR.


The authors should have mentioned that intelligence agencies in the west have done the same.

conflicting keybinds are the worst. Why cant we have a keybinding server that pervents or warns us when two or more programs have conflicting keybindings?

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It is human nature to "look for one's keys under the street-lamp, because that is where the light is brightest."

– Henry Baker, Dubious Achievement


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“Why Open Source Matters — Guix”

I wasn’t seduced by the title but this article is a great explanation of how #FreeSoftware, @reproducible_builds, and #bootstrapping contribute to #SupplyChainSecurity for Bitcoin Core. This includes a discussion of why they went from #Gitian to #Guix.

"If there wasn't something wrong with Lisp, no computer language (except Fortran) would exist."

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When people are like "they gon microchip me to talk to the satellites," I'm like, my man: can you imagine how much people would pay for an unlimited-plan phone you never have to charge? And you think they're just gonna put it in you for free?

You don't even have insurance.

The rebel position at one point was to not wear a mask, now has become orthodoxy and donning the mask is now rebellion.

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Is the new ncol (UNiversal Computer Oriented Language)?

NCOL was supposed to be an intermediate-level language into which all programming languages could be translated, and from which all machine languages could be generated.

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RT @CryptoLawUS@twitter.com

Jay Clayton, whose SEC declared #BTC and #ETH are not securities and removed all obstacles to trading them, now works for hedge fund that is betting on #BTC and #ETH. (Coincidentally, he also sued @Ripple@twitter.com, crashed #XRP and forced its delisting.) bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CryptoLawUS/status

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Guix has Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (sicp) in its repo in texinfo format.

`guix install sicp'

CLI users can read it with
`info sicp'

I think that's very cool. #sicp #guix

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