It's alive again! :lainuwu:
Uboot is having issues (on board v1.1) with the latest builds.

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Join the annual hungarian hackery where we take over a fort for a few days :blobcat_banban:

Made the pinephone perfect to replace my dying laptop, now it doesn't boot anymore.

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Pinephone is now hw modded^^
Finally I can attach usb devices!
A step closer to replace my laptop. It's sadly getting less and less usable every day, and I dont have experience in hw error debugging. Ill read up on it one day..

>be me
>at new place, have no change clothes
>trying out the common washing machine
50 min later
>amazed, machine is great, it even dried out my clothes!

... i've put them in the drier...

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Any cyberpunk/future/usable clothing/fashion experts around here?

I've heard that renting, events and everything is organized on facebook around me...

Decided to make an account:
Got blocked instantly, required phone verification and a photo of myself, and I would need to wait until a person verifies my data...

No. I'm not going to support this, even if it means that I'll be cut off from the majority:(

I need to come up with a solution..

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For those who want to try out #tut - A Terminal UI client for Mastodon on debian based systems:

You can now download and install the package via the repo that @Azlux provides along with other nice-to-have packages :)

#mastodon #terminal #cli #tui #debian #packages

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Is there a federated reddit alternative yet

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