i'm officially moving to my own instance \^=^/

thank you Koyu and everyone who sees this, for the great memories here<3

2020 selfhosting:

is only possible with a vps to get a public legacy ip, and some proxying / network magic x.x

for a healthy (decentralized) internet ipv6 has to become a first class citizen

~/.ash_history is the closest thing I have to a brain computer interface

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I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in #golang, and you can get it here: github.com/muesli/duf

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

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after years of great service i've upgraded my trusty x230.. 

to a x220 ^^

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It's alive again! :lainuwu:
Uboot is having issues (on board v1.1) with the latest builds.

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Join the annual hungarian hackery where we take over a fort for a few days :blobcat_banban:

Made the pinephone perfect to replace my dying laptop, now it doesn't boot anymore.

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Pinephone is now hw modded^^
Finally I can attach usb devices!
A step closer to replace my laptop. It's sadly getting less and less usable every day, and I dont have experience in hw error debugging. Ill read up on it one day..

>be me
>at new place, have no change clothes
>trying out the common washing machine
50 min later
>amazed, machine is great, it even dried out my clothes!

... i've put them in the drier...

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