a song from one of my favorite games of all times. the lyrics really make you think about the real world.


Depression, transgender issues, suicidal thoughts 

I didn't feel particularly happy or overjoyed looking at the mirror reflection but i couldn't stop looking. I was drawn towards it. Whoever that person behind it was was perfect. Ofc there where signs of beard shadow under the makeup and the chin bothered me but i couldn't stop looking and it felt like whoever looked back at me was happy, yet i didn't feel happy. At some point i was leaning against it and hold my hand against it and whispered " please take me away from here to the other side of the mirror" i wanted to cry but no tears came forward. Every time i look up i see someone smiling and happy but i still feel empty.

I don't want to go back anymore.
I don't want to see my reflection anymore.
I'm tired.

Does my story end here or did it end many years ago?

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Nothing like waking up after 3h of sleep

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Here's all the Japanese you'll ever need:

In the supermarket: Suimasen, arigatougozaimasu.
Meeting a neighbor: (smile)
At a party: (no party in Japan)
In other situations: Suimasen, yorosikuonegaisimasu.

when you play osu but the song is so good you get shivers and miss your combo.

i cry everytime i listen to TheVolgun reading SCP-1762

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thanks germany for censoring twitch vods/highlights. guess the time for a VPN to circumvent geoblocking is night.
CxU needs to die

I think im gonna disable my fail2ban email forwarding for port 22 lol. It works

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"You will never be a real woman" copypasta but edited to say the opposite. 

You are a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs, but that doesn't matter. You are a valid human who is trying to feel comfortable in her body.

All the “validation” you get is pure. Behind your back people love you. Your parents are happy and proud of you, your friends laugh at your jokes behind closed doors, and boys love you, and girls envy you.

Men absolutely love you. Trans folk who “pass” look ordinary and natural to a man. Your bone structure does not matter. Estradiol widens the hips.

You will be happy. You will smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, and deep inside you feel the euphoria creeping up like a weed. It is what defines you, not the transphobes.

Eventually, it’ll be perfect for you - you’ll come out, start HRT, get top surgery, and finally be your ideal self. Your parents will find you, happy and relieved that they finally have a happy daughter. They’ll congratulate you on your hard journey, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a woman is what you are.

Im swimmimg in a ocean of shit but i found a smol island

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anyone else starts randomly cleaning shit when you are super nervous

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