ever watched a anime (or show) or read a book that you started to feel really depressed and sad after some major events like if it was real and you knew those ppl? i love those stories.

i hate that i overthink everything and that i can't let go of something because something can be better

I'm not sure if that dream was a nightmare that placed a terrible curse on me or a sign to get started with some horror game/book/something. anyways dreaming up that eldritch horror was pretty neat in the end.

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setting up my own matrix server took 1h compared to 9h with xmpp lmao

tbh i dislike how much space is wasted on the left side on the default layout and i didnt find a way to disable it...(i didnt look either kek)

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im still unsure if i like default koyu.space more than sengi

girls frontline is the best mobile game. AAA story and really good gameplay

soon we will all run around with little notebooks again to remember static ipv6 addresses

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i woke up at 8pm yesterday. slept for 3h at 3am again. what even is this.

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thank you random blog post on the internet that fixed my networking issue. i miss it when the internet was just blogposts of random people. so much fun to explore

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im trying to focus on 4 things at once and i think im gonna meltdown

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