@koyu @stux Mine's already existing but it resides on Puniko's instance apparently

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@koyu I'm making an emoji!
Since @stux has the "boop(ed)" version of his avatar i'm making one for you!

We surveyed a million men and they all gave the same answer

@koyu As you see I am also an instance traveler ;-)

new business idea: selling anime tiddies

anyways, i drew another thing. yes it's more of my oc, i draw her a tad too often, lol

background: in my fictional universe, fairies have 2 forms: tall (with human proportions) and tiny (drawn like chibis, bc i'm a friggen weeb). so this is her official "chibi" form i guess

#art #fediart #oc

Scooter - Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Sunvibez Extended Bootleg Remix)

I am too bored to do anything....
My existence is boring too

am I stupid or simply lazy? I can't learn anything without having a use case in mind. No matter how hard I try, I need to convince myself for what I could use the knowledge before my brain lets it inside. This is annoying.

Professor: "Except for some particular cases, all networks utilizes TCP/IP"
UDP: Am i a joke to you?

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