A new Nordcast update has hit Google Play (and soon the Apple App Store):

  • koyu.space Monthly Security Patch July 2020
  • Fixed scrobber being too small
  • Removed warning about not having an account
  • Scrobber now colored with the podcast's accent color
  • Added ability to move the app to the SD card (on by default)
  • Support for the AndroidX SDK

@zen the F-Droid build system doesn't have Phonegap yet which is the framework used to build the app. Doing so would require maintaining an extra repository just for F-Droid which will be too much work. You could instead download the APK file directly from the koyu.space shop at shop.koyu.space and follow this account to get to know when to download a new version. We might find a solution soon to automate the process in the future so F-Droid builds are possible then.

The last version for this decade presented to you by the Nordcast team

- Added menu buttons
- Added version check
- "Your list" is now a seperate entry
- "Your list" now shows if there are new episodes
- Added "big screen" on the home view
- App loads faster
- Fixed some issues with media playback
- The app now remembers if you had the player open before
- Bugfixes and other improvements

You're probably asking yourself what's new after thousands of updates? Well, here's some of the greatest stuff:

- Revamped podcast page
- ❤️ button
- Sharing buttons
- Ability to scrub through an episode
- New animations ✨
- Button that makes the player bigger
- Error reporting for lazy people
- ...and a bunch more

Hi, we updated our app. These are the most notable changes

- Support for Android 10 dark mode
- Fixed podcast list not showing up
- More relevant podcasts in "Featured" and "Homemade productions"
- Dropped support for everything below Android 7
- Added support for adaptive icons

Download it from nordcast.app or shop.koyu.space/product/nordca

Our app now supports downloads and fediverse accounts as podcast host.

To download some episodes: Just tap the cloud icon to download and again to remove.

Using your fediverse account to host your own podcast: Find out your RSS feed URL e.g. koyu.space/@nordcast.rss and load it into the app and begin uploading some audio files. A couple of minutes later your audio file should appear as podcast episode in Nordcast.

We are now almost finished with the port for iOS. It now needs some testing in Test Flight and then if everything looks all right we can publish it.


Hi, we are now on Mastodon and published a new web app so you won't need an Android phone anymore to test the app.



A cozy space for everyone (* ^ ω ^) ✨

This server doesn't have a specific theme or topic and everyone is welcome to join :)

What sets us apart from other Mastodon instances:

  • Custom theme
  • Stickers
  • Clean local timeline
  • Optimized interface for content creators
  • Great uptime
  • Podcast app with a complete podcasting platform
  • Fast and helpful support team
  • Strong prohibition of "cancel culture" and other bad social constructs

Server Status

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