The last version for this decade presented to you by the Nordcast team

- Added menu buttons
- Added version check
- "Your list" is now a seperate entry
- "Your list" now shows if there are new episodes
- Added "big screen" on the home view
- App loads faster
- Fixed some issues with media playback
- The app now remembers if you had the player open before
- Bugfixes and other improvements

@zen the F-Droid build system doesn't have Phonegap yet which is the framework used to build the app. Doing so would require maintaining an extra repository just for F-Droid which will be too much work. You could instead download the APK file directly from the shop at and follow this account to get to know when to download a new version. We might find a solution soon to automate the process in the future so F-Droid builds are possible then.

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