@enigmatico I'd argue that it's not what freedom of speech is about. Or rather that's exactly what it is (depending on the way you look) - ability to choose not to discuss something because the topic is not something you'd like to ever discuss. And it is also about some governing body that (doesn't) ban you from discussing something that *they* don't like

@Flisk yeah, that's like the first thing one is told if he's trying to get a pet snail... And then there is a whole new world!

For example, they don't just have no bones, they also have no brains, only "a few" neurons all around their body! And because of that some scientists think, they don't actually feel pain. Too simple minded for that.

And then not only they need grass, also shells or bones, and both plant and animal protein from time to time. And there are predator snails.. etc.. etc...

@Flisk can I haz a link, please?) I really want to know what was next xD

Are you the bottom of my laptop?

Because you are super hot! And I want to have you on my legs :blobcatsmug:

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