Pages from a beautiful Illustrated Ramayan 1796-97 AD. Reputedly once belonged to , the Rani of Jhansi (d. 1858). Sold by Christie's auction in 2018 for 2 Crore 20 lakhs.

Casual against and on r/jokes at a time when the country is suffering from one of the worst outbreaks of the novel pandemic. This is apparently acceptable according to 's TOS.

Imagine what would've happened if they replaced "Indian" with "Black", "Asian" or "Chinese".

This is 's journalist, Annie Gowen, for you. Funeral pyres of people deceased by the pandemic is somehow "stunning".

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This is pretty depressing. India doesn’t need Germany’s permission to become a pharmaceutical giant. It’s especially rich to see Merkel criticise India for potential to disrupt supply chains given EU position on vaccine exports. If UK govt spoke like this it would be pilloried

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Navaratri ( Festival of Nine Nights glorifying Shakti / Devi / Goddess), culminating in Vijayadashimi (Victory of Good over Evil)

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