Tu n’y peux rien ? – Can’t you do anything about it?
Il n’y peut rien – There’s nothing he can do about it.
Nous n’y pouvons rien – We can’t do anything about it.
Vous n’y pouvez rien – There’s nothing you can do about it.
Les enfants n’y peuvent rien – The kids can’t do anything about it.

expression of the day: "Je n’y peux rien," meaning "I can’t do anything about that."

@Madhyamapratipada Добрый день. Вы можете читать Деванагари?

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Build a blanket fort. Seriously. Oh, and do not bring your phone into it.

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This is your unscheduled reminder to not buy .io domains.

The dark side of .io: How the U.K. is making web domain profits from a shady Cold War land deal – Gigaom

Russian words I learned today:
загораться/загореться -- to catch fire
загадочный -- mysterious
залезать/залезть -- to climb, get (into/onto) (в/на +a)
заодно -- together

Seeing the number of instances (and posts) in German, I feel like learning some German.

En voyant le nombre d'instances (et de messages) en allemand, j'ai envie d'apprendre un peu d'allemand.

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♻️ Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware 

Apparently includes software_reporter_tool.exe, which scans your entire hard disk for executables to analyze and it reports the results to Google

Deep learning vs. machine learning: Understand the differences
Both machine learning and deep learning discover patterns in data, but involve dramatically different techniques

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TIL There are at least 50 Swedish words describing various types of snow. And there are 200 Sami words for snow


I think my favorite is Snörök:
“faint particles of snow that look like smoke”. That sounds magical

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