im jumping over to @cuteascii , so those who follow me, i would use the move account function, but I can't seem to use it on koyu.

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i thought id found a weird linux bug where i couldn't stop dragging stuff on the screen but it was actually because i had a mouse plugged into my laptop and i was sitting on it

No sync (reddit app) fuck off
Just open the link in NewPipe or something

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please make an exception. please make my Miis buttfuck

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if i start dying and i see the light and aradia isn't the one beckoning me into it i'm reviving myself out of sheer anger

I can just imagine you popping back up from death while yelling angrily, confusing everybody

vulgar, lewd, weird programming languages 

I thought brainfuck was bad, jesus christ it hurt looking at the wiki page for that.
Descent says "your gear is where you died, to the start of the level with 4 missles and level 1 laser. -1 life good luck getting your shit back lololol"

fuck am I looking at
I thought my memes were fuck awful
I was wrong. There's someone worse
At least your windows and linux dual boot didn't nuke itself so badly grub threw its hands up in the air screaming "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?" (Still sucks dude)
I read this as "sorry to the two people who voted for nokia" at first.

3.1 was the og
95 was 95
98 is a classic
ME was turn of the centry
2000 was ok
vista was good
xp was legendary
7 was xp with a new paint job
8 tried something new

windows 8 is just fucking weird in its own right, 7 was okish, 10 is a dumpster fire.

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