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I just saw an advert for a device called Roxi that's a set top box that connects to a subscription music service and also offers stuff like Karaoke and Internet radio.

It's in the same form factor as a Now TV box and yet they're asking £100 for it plus a fucking subscription. Piss right off.

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One thing in me thinks that Star Wars and Disney in charge of it got a bit out of touch with what Actually Is Star Wars.

apps that run in the linux terminal are really cool.

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well there goes my progress, because theres no cloud save

son of a bitch i just accidentially uninstalled neko atsume

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sometimes it is good to just shuffle whole library

hell ye

ill boost, cause i dont have a github account

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what if i made an open source neko atsume clone

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if I'm going 140 mph on a crowded city road trying to fight off hordes of driverless haunted muscle cars I really do not want to have to spend my time staring at the equivalent of a Rand-McNally atlas going 'okay so is it the LEFT or the RIGHT exit, and at which one of these two identical-looking interchanges'

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