No sync (reddit app) fuck off
Just open the link in NewPipe or something

unfortunatly boot animation replacement would be a no
(im allowed read access without root, but only read)

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i literally just created this account, and it does this to the name i chose (pastelswinger)
thanks asshats

Factory reset bricked moto razr, coulda flashed a custom rom but the shitheads at verizon decided "nah keep the bl locked". Absolute waste of my time, and a good smol cute phone.

flashing stock just fails because of course system wont allow itself to be written to for some asanine reason.

so, I'm apparently supposed to just suck it the fuck up instead of taking initiative to FIX MY OWN SHIT.

i hold number six on this Area 51 machine's high score list

i listen to my music on cassettes now because i gained the ability to record to cassettes.

here is a picture of my Walkman (wm-f46)

I now have a Windows 98 SE VM running on Android. Amazing is all I can say.

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