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Hi, I'm a perfectly average person, here mostly to lurk and boost art. Frogs and foxes appreciated. I may put out some / -related or / / appreciation posts / microreviews. I wish I find time to catch up to modern spellcasting and learn that soon.

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hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'm opening extra commission slots this month.
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable.
maruki [@] 💌
RToots appreciated 💜
#pixelart #ドット絵

I wish I knew where my local queer discussion groups are so I could post questions like "is there a trans friendly pole dance studio around?". After some looking around I guess all discussions (including in German) must be hidden somewhere on FB, as there's plenty of orgs but no forums/mailing lists/discords even that I could find...

It was a busy long weekend: we visited Fantasy Basel (turned out to be a very nice con, got a couple small trinkets), then attended a weekend self defense course. Feels great and nearing a burnout at the same time.

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good trans things, emotions 

It's so interesting how E seems to have worked on my emotions (other than just reducing dysphoria etc). It's subtle yet huge.

It's not that suddenly there's more or new feelings; although there might be slight shifts in directions, like slope adjustments. It's mostly that it's slightly easier to find the emotions and connect to them. Body also wants to react to them, thus exposing them, but also allowing me to more easily work through them. Yes, it's easier to feel cry; there's also more happiness. There's simply more to grab, to work with; as if they became more material.

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I'll make a pinned toot too! 😂

Hi I’m Gracie! 👋🌸🌈
Environmental educator, freelance character artist, ttrpg enthusiast and the person who secretly changes the batteries in birds ♡


Finally played Emily is Away Too (haven't played the first one)

I liked the mixed UI and in-browser bits, pretty cool approach. I liked how it seems to want to expose the player's tendency to just "complete" the in-game dates (like many people do also irl...), and through that teach something about (at least in-game) honesty and integrity.

The characters and their small stories are written okay, what falls flat for me is their relationship with the player character. Playing the necessarily faceless and genderless (although treated like expected in a heteronormative setting) PC, we don't have much time to start caring for NPCs before being primed for romance. Feels like being a weirdly caring stranger rather than an honest friend, therefore pushed to gamify the relationships as there is little to justify caring more.

I've just noticed a couple of days ago I've replied with a gay meme to another meme and that was a different person than I thought I'm sending it to (not in audience for gay memes), how do I salvage the situation? XD

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nice trans things 

The feeling when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and cannot help grinning to the girl in the mirror

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guess what

non-toxic positivity means you have to talk about negative things to empower you into acting towards recovery

it also means never talking about negative things is toxic because it only hides wounds that will worsen if not taken care of

talking about what's wrong in your life is taking care about yourself and therefore everyone else around you and especially your loved ones

take care of yourself :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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Finally back home after work!
Today was stressful :blobhaj_sadreach: and I just wanna sleep, no swimming laps tonight

But thank you very much to all the new followers :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

Just need soft pats on my snoot from my humans tonight :blobhaj_cat:

#blahaj #sleepy #blåhaj #workworkwork

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Mood: there's nothing more scary than managing my corporally -attached identity. The whole idea of having a persistent, universal, supposedly largely immutable, socially broadcasted interfacing surface is crazy and goose bumps inducing. Ephemeral, flexible, and randomly generated identities FTW

Not very far into it, but I really enjoy CrossCode so far, both aesthetics- and gameplay-wise

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Hi, I'm Camila, a game developer & artist from Chile, currently developing Long Gone Days.

⚡️ Released Games:
⚡️ Instagram:
⚡️ More Links:

#MastoArt #art #introduction #PixelArt #gamedev

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Hi, I'm a perfectly average person, here mostly to lurk and boost art. Frogs and foxes appreciated. I may put out some / -related or / / appreciation posts / microreviews. I wish I find time to catch up to modern spellcasting and learn that soon.

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Mastotip: If you tag person x in a DM with person y, both x and y will be able to see what you said. A common workaround is to put spaces between the @ sign and the username (I.e. @ sandrockcstm @

This is really key if you are discussing a moderation related issue with an admin, say if person x is harassing you. If you tag that person you can inadvertently get them to see the conversation. This is not clear from the UI and a common trap for new users.

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