My daughter made this awesome painting of Kakashi-sensei for me!

Picture of me with eye contact 

Oh yeah! Just got my shot 😀

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A snakelike legless lizard 

I found this little guy under my hay today


Me and the oldest daughter just made the best doughnuts!

Managed to drop my laptop yesterday (yes, it is new...). Looks like it landed exactly on the CPU, and nothing else seems damaged. Which is good I guess, although the CPU IS the Central Processing Unit, so I do need a working one.

Image of me, EC 

My sister helped me fix the polytunnel that was broken by wind during the winter today!

Foods of nom 

Went to a chinese restaurant by my self to day, and ate this glorious tofu-dish ✌🍛

Spring is coming to the allotment , garlic is growing and one swiss chard plant survived winter 🌱

Using M$ Teams for press briefings on national television is not a good idea...

Got some seeds today that I will be starting soon!

My current mycroft/raspberry pi setup. I think I can tuck away some cables to make it look really nice. I am quite happy with this.

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I got a new keyboard and modified it for usage with my window manager keybindings :)

Growing season is officially over, last harvest was radishes on boxing day.

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