Installed latest on my today, and it is very close to being a viable daily driver for me now. I have all the apps I need now apart from some more or less mandatory proprietary apps related to identification and banking in Sweden (BankID, Swish). I can keep an android phone around on my desk for those I guess and keep this puppy in the pocket from now on :).

I am using the following apps now:
Otpclient for mfa
Tootle for mastodon
Freetube for youtube watching
Geary for mail
Gnome web webapp installer for mattermost chat
Firefox for other webbrowsing
Spot for spotify
Opentodolist with Nextcloud sync for notes/shared shopping list
My own app Tinge for controlling Hue lights -
My own app PassUI for password management -

Does Gnome online accounts work for you guys with Nextcloud on ?

Previously it has worked for me, but I might have updated my nexcloud since then...

I ended up moving my calendar and addressbook from Nextcloud to my SOGo installation, and used evolution (with scale-to-fit) to set up syncing to my phone. Yay, everything works now :)

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