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@jwhamilton_@radical.town dang sorry

@jwhamilton_@radical.town this is a mood

@tj my mom makes me call her rainbow dude because dude is too impersonal to her

@tj how do I fix my printer the fax won't work

@jwhamilton_@radical.town myself :^)

fckn rip telegram it just wont work on my wifi but it works on data


@jwhamilton_@radical.town lol ilu i believe in us 💜 :pb:


@jwhamilton_@radical.town fuck idk what solidarity is lmao


@jwhamilton_@radical.town life is such a dick hhhh i believe in you too honestly we can do this

i got a new profile pic and i've been obsessed with pb recently


@jwhamilton_@radical.town i hate dissasociating i've been dissasociated my whole life i think and it's really weird cuz i'm finally like starting to not and i am feeling like a person and i am not ready for this

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things i have learned about my new cat

- fuckin LOVES the window
- will jump into your lap and purr unprompted
- but if you pet her too much you'll get love bites
- melts in your arms if you pick her up
- will do anything for salmon treats
- so.... soft.......

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