Main stage going up for Saturday's in the CLE

(Banner designs mine)

Free Comic Book Day 2009 at Carol & John's in OH
Live cosplay version of vs. Flash "world's fastest" race

Sequence Reports and the Monday Morning Bug of Anger, c.2003 by David Rees 😆​

A fantastic thing about is that I don't exactly like getting this error, yet I sort of do.

Long day ahead unless something does, that's for sure.

This magazine ad has stuck with me for more than 20 years. At least once a month, I'm sure, I think "oh well, at least you can control your fonts" in response to something going pear-shaped.

The synchronicity between #uspol and #ukpolitics just freaks me tf out at this point. 

This prediction—"while the conservative party is likely to take a drubbing it looks like it will be no more than the standard drubbing experienced by the party in power, not any kind of uniquely intense punishment which the party might seemingly deserve for standing by a clownish, corrupt, criminal conman"—is exactly what I realized occurred in the US in 2018 and wrote about at length.

Is all this reality??

#perspective on disastrous times 

As best I can tell, we are on course for something in the Class-1 Apocalyptic range, with a possibility of Class-2 (or rather less likely Class-0).

The chance of biosphere recovery will be good, at least, along with even a moderate chance of human recovery.

Long long ages ago, Legend Entertainment made two adventure games inspired by Frederick Pohl's "Gateway" novels. Really good games. I have replayed them occasionally over the course of decades.

Can I post this .wav file and what happens if I do? Here goes. 😜​

I spent a week in Portugal, recently, and it was great. Will post a few photos now that I'm here.

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