Three notes as I'm re-reading Wilkinson's magnificent "Rise and Fall of Ancient ."

1. I disagree with a reference to ancient Egypt as a pre-monetary society, at least in the New Kingdom. By that point, Egyptians had access to money, and understood it, they just didn't use it much in their domestic economy. They were non-monetary by choice, not pre-monetary.

2. The malaise and dysfunction and rotting collapse which characterizes the 20th dynasty feels very familiar.

3. Grandiosity was standard for pharaohs, but one temple or tomb scene description (I can't find it rn) made me giggle. The resplendent pharaoh is shown watched over, approvingly, by several gods, including the selfsame pharaoh. Obama medal meme, ancient Egypt edition


P.S. I realize that emoji menus will always leave some things out, but no pyramid? It's the only wonder of the ancient world to survive intact, and the icon of a civilization which lasted for millennia.

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