Not a serious post, #uspol 

Rain: falls on the just and the unjust

Linus Van Pelt: "That's a good system!"

Since "Peanuts" debuted in 1950, logically, Linus was born in the early 1940s* and is now about the age of the gerontocracy which runs America's shambling zombie of a national government—and which has the same kind of views about what constitutes "a good system." 😉​

* Apparently Linus was born more like 1951.

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Not a serious post, #uspol 

@mattkuhns Not to be pedantic, but to be pedantic...
Linus didn't appear until 1952 and he was so young that he couldn't sit up by himself. So he was probably born in 1951. Which doesn't change your point at all but, as I said, "to be pedantic." 😉

re: Not a serious post, #uspol 

@SKleefeld Completely appropriate, quality response actually! 👍​

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