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As a consultant, I provide communication, design, advocacy, organizing and/or research to local governments, progressive candidates, and other clients.

I’m the author of "Brilliant Deduction: The Story of Real-Life Great Detectives," "Cotton’s Library," and "Hancher vs. Hilton."

I live in glamorous Lakewood, Ohio.

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#uspol #rwnj 

that "Dark M A G 4" is now a thing

Because there are actually red hats capable of idea that "until now it has been Mister Nice M A G 4."

Sequel to the "Are we the baddies" meme turns out to be "No, we definitely have not been, at all, but by the strangest coincidence we really need to start right now."

Come ON start the 7:30 game on bird app already

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Some thoughts on the gerontocracy of #uspol 

What actually happens when so much of a culture's political leadership just ages in place for more than 30 years? Maybe more damage than we immediately guess.

The news these days seems a lot like financiers found part of Max Cohen's 216-digit cheat code for reality, and tried using it to manipulate markets, but unleashed chaos instead.

The old normal is gone for good, but the new is not yet complete or stable. but also applies to… other stuff.

The number of major economic crises since the turn of the century does not seem like a completely credible system at work IDK maybe just me

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P.S. I realize that emoji menus will always leave some things out, but no pyramid? It's the only wonder of the ancient world to survive intact, and the icon of a civilization which lasted for millennia.

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Three notes as I'm re-reading Wilkinson's magnificent "Rise and Fall of Ancient ."

1. I disagree with a reference to ancient Egypt as a pre-monetary society, at least in the New Kingdom. By that point, Egyptians had access to money, and understood it, they just didn't use it much in their domestic economy. They were non-monetary by choice, not pre-monetary.

2. The malaise and dysfunction and rotting collapse which characterizes the 20th dynasty feels very familiar.

3. Grandiosity was standard for pharaohs, but one temple or tomb scene description (I can't find it rn) made me giggle. The resplendent pharaoh is shown watched over, approvingly, by several gods, including the selfsame pharaoh. Obama medal meme, ancient Egypt edition

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#uspol #ohio 

I live in a state which is just openly run by a lawless crime cartel, allied to Kool-Aid swallowing fundamentalist fanatics (who are gradually but steadily becoming more influential in the alliance).

Bad news for the talking heads lampooning this toxic oligarchy, from studios safe inside cosmopolitan bubbles, meanwhile: the US at large is headed the same way not too many years behind Ohio.

Not a serious post, #uspol 

Rain: falls on the just and the unjust

Linus Van Pelt: "That's a good system!"

Since "Peanuts" debuted in 1950, logically, Linus was born in the early 1940s* and is now about the age of the gerontocracy which runs America's shambling zombie of a national government—and which has the same kind of views about what constitutes "a good system." 😉​

* Apparently Linus was born more like 1951.

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