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As a consultant, I provide communication, design, advocacy, organizing and/or research to local governments, progressive candidates, and other clients.

I’m the author of "Brilliant Deduction: The Story of Real-Life Great Detectives," "Cotton’s Library," and "Hancher vs. Hilton."

I live in glamorous Lakewood, Ohio.

Every digital photo supplied by any client seems to be either
* 20,000 pixels wide and about 100 dpi,
* 200 pixels wide

How do I stop having mastodon in this dark text on darker background mode

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The Committee/Hearings are probably not what you're hoping for. They amount to a confirmation that Republican privilege comes first, in America, even though disagreements over "by how much" have erupted into violence.

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Feline Emergency: How may I direct your call?
Cat: Everything is under control here, I just called for a chat - everything quiet your end?
FE: Yeah, you know how it is - we're only here because we didn't want dogs to have something we didn't. No cat actually needs us.
Cat: True. Hey, did you hear the one about the dog who did an entire job interview with an ear inside out?
FE: That was a good one, classic dog move.
Cat: Oh, gotta go - the puppy has got his head stuck in a tissue box, so I'm gonna take a swipe at his tail while he's distracted.
FE: A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do, have a good day.

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Reminder to archive all the data that's important to you. Don't assume that stuff you have on third-party sites will be around forever:

They won't.

"[Boris] Johnson’s supporters have dived down to the bottom of their equivalent of Trainspotting’s worst toilet in Scotland, and fished out the suppository."

lmao thank you Marina I needed a laugh this morning

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Be safe this pride month.

Go out and enjoy yourself at a march, if you feel up to it. It's perfectly fine to celebrate in different ways as well.

Take care of yourself and have fun, however you choose!

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #lgbtq #queer #pridemonth #pride2022

I watched Blade Runner 2049 this weekend.

I really enjoyed it and I have no difficulty believing that it was a box office disappointment. Long, complex, enigmatic, "artsy."

Glad the studio funded it even if they probably aren't. 😂​


I do love the

And I respect tf out of the proud political advocacy

But it's tremendously saddening listening to the hopelessly naive ideas, this evening, not because they are specific to the WNBA but precisely the opposite.

It's a reminder that, despite small spreading skepticism, a popular conviction persists that the political system is functional. That the people can "push past the blockage" and will e.g. gun safety policy into reality.

The US political system, itself, IS the blockage.

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Pretty good game on bird app as the first half winds down

My intended left-side banner is on the right side, and vice versa, but probably I'll just shut up and not make noise about it 😂​

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