Hot take: RTFM means *read the fucking manual*, and "manual" is singular, not plural.

If someone's asking for the documentation for X, and the only thing available is guides, linking to other guides, which have services, which you then need to read man pages for, then the correct response is 'no, there is no documentation - everyone just reads all the guides to all the parts'.

The correct answer is not "RTFM", because there is no manual.

@CptFabulous Not at all! If you’re in the EU I’d be grateful if you could mail me a few in that case :)

@mastodon hey, I still haven't come around to printing any ;-;
just wanted to keep you up to date, sorry that it's bad news so far

@mastodon @clacke
I've started a little documentation project for basic setup and problem solving.

All PR's welcome.

@mastodon I've never understood the notion of everything needing a licence - it's just some notes.

But if you'd like to stick CC0 on it, go right ahead.

@malin Most people won’t care, but people who do (e.g. because they have an organization’s reputation to protect) probably feel a lot more comfortable not operating in a legal (dark) gray area.

@clacke welp, that’s unfortunate for people who want the work to remain under CC, but not require attribution, isn’t it?

@mastodon CC-by and by extension CC-by-SA has a clause that allows you to require people to remove your attribution. I don't know how a blanket request to anyone who gets a copy would look but maybe it's possible to emulate what you want this way.
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