I'm going to try doing dev stuff as a thread and see how this goes...

I think I may have some idea of what I want to try for the RPG aspect of Indexing Your Heart. Something like an escape room(s)/situations with symbolic meanings?

As in, the mannerisms and inner thoughts of one of the characters becomes manifested as mechanics in the world. It's still a rough idea, though sounds fun to prototype.

Feels pretty weird going back from to , though most of it is me thinking I’m writing instead 😂

Nonetheless, most of the scripts have been rewritten in GDScript with new unit tests à la GUT. Now to figure out where I want to take the RPG component; I'm thinking of some ideas...

Some from me. Finished importing chapters into the VN portion of today. Went a lot smoother thanks to the Marteau utility I wrote last week. About twenty minutes total to import the code over and check for formatting issues and fix them. I’m still waiting to get some extra feedback on the story for now, but I imagine it will be a lot quicker to make changes now until the story gets finalized.

I might be able to make a really bare-bones prototype of the VN portion of the game with this complete. Will need to add placeholder images soon and eventually find an artist that can draw the sprites I need.

Ended up discovering some bugs and edge cases I missed in my initial Markdown to Dialogic converter implementation. Had to update the dialogue detection regex and update the first-pass in compilation to also run character ID replacements in question choice dialogues. Also added a feature to include emphasis blocks to the previous block.

With that said, I did manage to port the sixth chapter over to Godot/Dialogic a lost more quickly this time around, making minor changes and expanding narration blocks a bit. I’m pleased with the results so far.

Finished writing a basic implementation of a Rightwards arrow utility! Should make porting scripts easier. Now to figure out character names to their files… 🤔

Fun fact: The Marteau package is named after the hammer figure in the game, which is also French for "hammer".


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