Feels pretty weird going back from to , though most of it is me thinking I’m writing instead 😂

Nonetheless, most of the scripts have been rewritten in GDScript with new unit tests à la GUT. Now to figure out where I want to take the RPG component; I'm thinking of some ideas...

Uploaded the redesigned app of to , pending approval. Excited to get some feedback on this!

When it's made available, you can join the TestFlight at t.co/zKV6fSSEck. (You can also find this on Airport at app.airport.community/app/rec8).

Token storage has been implemented for Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/JVM. Native is still pending.

Meanwhile, the requesting system is starting to take shape! It can already call some endpoints such as timelines, notifications, and statuses!

All... the... models...

We're nearly finished creating a working package. Just to add some endpoint logic and a proper storage system for tokens, and we should be set to publish this package!

I’ve uploaded a new beta of Give Me A Sniglet to this evening. In this beta, you can share your saved sniglets as images to friends and family, and view the license, send feedback, etc. from the app’s settings page.

You can join the TestFlight beta at testflight.apple.com/join/D0QI.

Finished writing a basic implementation of a Rightwards arrow utility! Should make porting scripts easier. Now to figure out character names to their files… 🤔

Fun fact: The Marteau package is named after the hammer figure in the game, which is also French for "hammer".


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