Finished writing a basic implementation of a Rightwards arrow utility! Should make porting scripts easier. Now to figure out character names to their files… 🤔

Fun fact: The Marteau package is named after the hammer figure in the game, which is also French for "hammer".

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For those wondering why I decided to make this a Swift package and not a Python module:

- While Python is available on a lot of platforms, I was a bit worried about performance. Additionally, I wasn't sure about Markdown parsing.
- I also considered writing the scripts in C#, but felt that it was a bit clunky to do.
- Furthermore, I thought about Kotlin, but it takes a while to run a Kotlin script for some reason. Probably has to do with passing stuff to the JVM.

Not that Swift would be the best language for the job, but I think it suffices. It also made Markdown parsing easier thanks to the swift-markdown package. I will eventually need to migrate over my older Python scripts.

I also apologize for it looking like a promotion of sorts. I did copy this from my Birdsite account and forgot to account for that 😅

Small update: can now read from Dialogic character definitions to change the names to their correct IDs! Simple JSON decoding into a struct and a quick change.

@marquiskurt What about Vala? It translates to native C and is as easy to use as C#. Due to its nature performance shouldn't be an issue.

@koyuchan Hmm, didn't consider it. Is there a Vala toolchain available for macOS and Windows?

@koyuchan Hmm, I see! I’ll have to play around with it later when I get the chance and see if it fits well with what I need it to do. Thanks for the update

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