Uploaded the redesigned app of to , pending approval. Excited to get some feedback on this!

When it's made available, you can join the TestFlight at t.co/zKV6fSSEck. (You can also find this on Airport at app.airport.community/app/rec8).

Sorry for anyone that was trying to use within the past couple of hours; @Nomad1556 and I had discovered a lot of problems with the authentication and authorization system as we were implementing a prototype login UI for . It should mostly be okay now; the only other thing we need to add is some extra checks on token storage.

Lol, now we're publishing new snapshots every five seconds (practically) because we keep finding new problems with our authorization system for user-level access 😭​

In our defense, it wasn't easily testable...

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I don't understand why I have to delete the old snapshot package on the to then upload the new snapshot. I thought snapshot versions were supported?

(Complaining because we found a bug in and need to deploy a fix)

Found this gem on the when looking for ways to easily type IPA symbols on my iPad. Should make conlanging and other linguistic stuff easier!


I used to be strongly against the because I’m completely content with iOS and the App Store as it is/was from both a consumer and developer standpoint. But the more I keep seeing articles about the DMA, the more I stop caring about the situation as a whole, especially after ’s behavior on outdated apps (see my blog for my takes).

I’m fine with whatever at this point as long as the App Store improves and I am not REQUIRED to sideload an app to use it.

Now that we're seeing more people come to Mastodon and the fediverse today, @Nomad1556 and I are definitely motivated to make a great product!

Planning to do design mockups and start with the authentication process this week.

Also, welcome, newcomers 👋

The package has been updated to be more in line with Kotlin and Java packages.

Also, mastodon.social appears to be down, so the tests are failing 😭

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Package update time. For some reason, I have to delete the old snapshot and add the new one on GitHub Packages, even though snapshot versions are supported... 🤔

I'm pleased to announce that we've released v1.0.0-SNAPSHOT of ! You can grab it from the GitHub Package Registry. JVM and JS currently supported.


Nearly spent an hour and a half migrating my personal website over from GitHub Pages to Tumblr.

You can learn more about it here: marquiskurt.net/post/682186817

Token storage has been implemented for Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/JVM. Native is still pending.

Meanwhile, the requesting system is starting to take shape! It can already call some endpoints such as timelines, notifications, and statuses!

All... the... models...

We're nearly finished creating a working package. Just to add some endpoint logic and a proper storage system for tokens, and we should be set to publish this package!

We got authorization working in the past couple of days, along with some token validation goodies! Planning to do more work on entity mapping and endpoint requests soon, along with a storage system in place.

Thanks to everyone who's voted on our poll so far! We hear you loud and clear; we'll be working on a new native client in Kotlin for Windows, macOS, and Linux!

More details here: github.com/hyperspacedev/proje

#HyperspaceDev #HyperspaceDesktop

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