Still working through The Ego And It's Own. This passage hits me, but the last line especially makes me wonder. In context, "today" meant the mid 1800s. Things have certainly changed since then, but I can at least personally identify with the experience of mind as real and the rest as unreal. I was raised in a protestant church, though, so maybe that's all there is to that.

Is it just me, or are all three of these EXTREMELY made up use-cases?

Found this gem in the comments section of Blockchain Chicken Farm on Goodreads today... I can allllmost see the logic in this kind of argument. But then the problem with it is that the commenter's chosen axiom "I am stuck on an island" just doesn't... apply to that many people? A more useful axiom for thinking through these things would seem to be "I live in a society."

Is it just me, or is the bus in the center image super cursed looking?

I made a 'lil gold mining simulation with ... These miners mine all the gold.

I'm installing with on a retired Barracuda spam filter tonight... Very excited about this budget setup. The device was super cheap and so were parts. After upgrades, it's running 2.6Ghz x 4 processors and 16GB ram for under 250 USD. I'll post some benchmarks another time. I'm hoping this can eliminate some of my Digital Ocean bill XD

And when I log into Bob, I can ping mesh services but not clear-net IPs. This means that I'll have to either add some routes manually or configure a gateway using ...

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Now Bob is meshed with Alice over ethernet, my laptop over ethernet, and the global via Alice's WAN. (And my laptop's WAN too... Yggdrasil meshes pretty aggressively.)

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With the gateway is enabled, I am ready to log on to Alice over SSH and check some things. On the screen shown, you're able to see that I can ping mesh services (Yacy, the internal search engine is shown here,) ping a clear-net IP address, and confirm that my public IP address is that of the gateway. So far so good! Alice is connected to the mesh and is bridged to the clear-net via the gateway.

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Now, I open the autoygg config page (you may not have this one yet,) and click connect. I set this up beforehand by entering a gateway's ipv6 address in the settings tab.

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First I just scan for my network, and connect. I'm running OpenWrt, and you get to this screen via Network > Wireless > Scan. From here it's straightforward to get online.

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