El marinero de río no siente calor ni frío

I've just set up a badass cover for my profile

We need these emotes on koyu.space! And if they're already here, what's their name?

I think it was an interesting idea, so today I made this:
➡️ lucas.koyu.space/xkcdyear/
This is a website that feches the XKCD N°[current year], and displays a countdown that says when the website will update

Very cold on Koyu.space! Remember using a coat and mask!

A veces me olvido de hablar en español, en lugares en los que suelo hablar en español, y a veces me olvido de hablar en inglés en lugares en los que hay que hablar en inglés. Se me mezclan los idiomas 😄​

This account exists since November 24th 2020, but it is active since August 16th 2021

i don't know how to program java, i'm glad i didn't know the existance of apache log4j too

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