😭 apparently you can never age oit of rejection. Fun life facts πŸ’―πŸ’€

give a man a fish and he'll give you some money
but teach a man to fish and he'll never give you money again so best to keep him ignorant and subscribed to a monthly fish delivery service where your fishing patents prevent him from ever being able to compete with you while you accrue revenue from him until he dies

choose one

boost pls

I mean London is still an awful city in many ways but it has some books I tell you

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we're finally in bodyslide. the slidening begins

i'm too chicken to invest a ton in stocks but i do love those $0.01 dividends

yeah, you could say i’m a swinger

(mini golf)

say it with me: i am worthy, i am loved

i am loyal only to the marimba

I want to have a pleasing aesthetic but I also love bastardcore

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