#Minetest doesn't have a central auth system. Each server is an independent service with its own account system, moderation, and rules.

There's no central service to snoop on messages and ban users. Decentralised, just like how the Internet should be

One of the most requested features on Mastodon is a built-in language translation system, where you can click on a post and it automatically translates it into your language.

If this is important to you, and if you are comfortable using Github, please give this issue a thumbs up to let the developers know that this feature is wanted:


(I thought this was already being worked on, but I cannot find any official announcements saying this.)

#Mastodon #Translation #Translations #Translate #Languages

Hello Live, simple mobile live streaming with follower-only or public streams that can be viewed without an account or app - just a web browser!

Shipping soon! 🚀 #pixelfed #pixelfedLive #liveStreaming



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archive.org: International patrons speak out: “Access to knowledge shouldn’t be for the rich and privileged.”

also archive.org: We’ll see demonstrations of blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFT and decentralized storage projects in action.

Somebody gave our Android app a 1-star review on the Play Store because "there is LGBT" [sic]

Made the decision this morning to fediblock mstdn.io . We've had problems with unmoderated fascist accounts on there before, but they're becoming increasingly more problematic, don't defederate from other fash instances, and I'm hearing more often about users being harassed by transphobes and fascists from there. We've had them 'silenced' for a long while (meaning you could only see accounts that you follow there), but it's time to up that to a full block.


How super sad: Saudi authorities seize rainbow toys in crackdown on homosexuality

Pencil cases, skirts and hats among items targeted for ‘contradicting Islamic faith and public morals’




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