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Before: “All these idiots don’t understand that the internet can’t just go down, it’s a network made up of lots of computers. Nobody runs the internet”

Today: “oh no <enter cdn name here> is down and half the internet died with it”
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if i had medical care, unlimited access to a communal dining hall, and free room and board i would happily spend 30hrs/week laboring for my community however they needed support.

realistically 30hrs/week is probably double what would be needed. imagine how much more efficient that labor would be without capitalist middlemen stealing 99% of said labor's value.

the only barriers to this future are a) the leeches b) the bootlickers and c) the doomers.

I'm visiting home for a few days, and I set my fiance up with an emulator so she could replay some games from her childhood. It took a lot of faffing about, including making her switch to Linux, and unfortunately it runs about as fast as a potato. 🤦‍♀️ Thankfully she appreciates the effort.

Are there any handheld consoles that someone could hack together, and that already has a few games? If not, I'll have to add it to my list of projects to get around to eventually.

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I'm realizing that calling myself an anarchist may actually hold me back from expressing my beliefs. For me, the core of my beliefs are: consensus based direct democracy, the building of strong and vibrant local communities, and replace big corporations with worker owned cooperatives. After that, I feel like most of the rest is fleshing out the details. Not everyone will agree on all of those points, but I don't see how they're that controversial or radical.

Lewd and reference to shooting 

From a conversation earlier.

High school students: want school resource officers to be given guns.

Friend parodying them: Shoot me daddy! I want your load inside me!

I think I've laid enough of a foundation for the antarctic commune. The website is, and you can find a link to a git repo on the page. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please contribute, I'd love to see this take off.

Here's an idea: what if over time, we redistributed shares of a company across society. Perhaps for 14 years (the original length of US copyright protection), the founder of the company is free to reap the rewards of his work, then after that the redistribution starts. To minimize disruption, this redistribution can follow an exponential decay curve. We could adjust the lead up time and the half life to find the parameters that create a suitable combination of growth and economic equality.

I've been doing so more research about creating a home for queer people in Antarctica. Turns out that Greenpeace built and maintained their own base on the continent for five years starting in 1987. The fact that one non-governmental agency was allowed to do that gives me a lot of hope that we could too. It took the idea from a flight of fancy to a maybe if we really set our minds to it.

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I decided to start working on a website for the gay antarctic commune. It's too bad I won't have enough time to do any serious work on it until this semester ends, and possibly until the summer. I don't know if I have the attention span to keep the project alive in my head until then. Though, if it does live that long, I'll have all the time in the world.

I was thinking about my gay commune post some more, and maybe we should claim Marie Byrd land, the largest unclaimed track of land in the world. Unfortunately, it's in Antarctica, but at least we don't have to worry about any nations interfering. If only for the memes, I'm tempted to make a website for it. Maybe I'll add a crypto-wallet, just in case. Any name suggestions?

I recently got a therapy lamp, and it's really working for me. I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't getting enough sun in the darker months.

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Just imagine this, your beautiful partner (if you want one) wakes you up, and says "are you ready to tend to field?" Later, you attend a town meeting to discuss any issues affecting the community. Finally, you spend your free time secure in the knowledge that if something happens, the community has your back, and you have theirs.

I desperately want to gather a bunch of queer people, negotiate with Australia or something for an island with full autonomy, and to set up an anarchist commune.

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