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Provocative Bible verse 

Status Update: I put it on a tote bag

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Every year I participate in GISH, an international week-long scavenger hunt where you work with your team to do a bunch of weird and wonderful challenges from a long list of tasks. This year one of the tasks I picked up was to stitch together an image of Hokusai's Great Wave on the back of a patchwork denim jacket using a Sashiko style technique. I'm really happy with the result!

#MastoArt #embroidery #gish #fiberart

#Saving #seeds from the fruits of the current harvest for the plants in the next season is a thousands of years old key practice to grow plants and cultivate new breedings.

Still, many of us do not know how to save seeds and so we offered an interactive online #workshop with @aimeejulia, whose recording is now available on #Peertube:

If you like the video/workshop, spread the word! Help others, saving their seeds!

often we are not really aware of it, but: our cities are geared towards cars. the swedish graphic artist Karl Jilg shows in a simple but ingenious illustration how little space in cities often remains for pedestrians.

Pretty messed up. A researcher doctored findings to advance his career and it may have steered Alzheimer's research the wrong way for a decade and a half, wasting millions of hours and billions of dollars thanks to false data.

Since it's supposed to reach 110° F multiple times this week, I'm making beeswax food wraps outside for my friends and family.

What is this sign trying to tell me? 🤔
If I follow this path, I, as a bike rider, will be swallowed by nature (just like the upper half of the sign)? Or is this just another proof that nature will always win? I hope it's the latter.
#bikeride #nature #tree #summer

The book, Ministry for the Future, is a science fiction book about climate change but it is seemingly not so fiction because many things he writes about are coming to pass. I wonder if the ecoterrorism will as well, as that is the next era (it will). I'm scared of flying after that book. Just gonna wait for those airship replacements. Fear is so much more powerful than anything that even sci-fi books work on me.

The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

Recent studies suggest at least a 10 percent rise in hospital emergency room visits on days when temperatures reach or exceed the top 5 percent of the normal temperature range for a given location

Heatwaves – as well as other weather events such as floods and fires – have been linked to a rise in depressive symptoms in people with depression, and a rise in anxiety symptoms in those with generalised anxiety disorder – a disorder where people feel anxious most of the time

According to new data published by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), 1,539 square miles – five times the size of New York City – were deforested in the Amazon rainforest from January to June 2022. This is the highest rate of deforestation ever recorded for this six-month period, and could push the Amazon on the brink of collapse #ClimateEmergency #pollution #environment #ecology #ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe #CllimateChange #Amazon

I found this fascinating article on yesterday.

"The available evidence suggests that causation (urban environment causes psychosis) is more important than selection (high-risk individuals move into urban areas) and that the effect of the environmental factors in the urban environment is conditional on genetic risk (i.e., there may be gene–environment interaction)."

"The signs of sleep: By looking broadly for behaviors characterizing sleep in humans and other organisms, researchers are finding that most animals, even very simple ones, have a restful state. How well each creature satisfies these criteria is controversial, but the work is expanding our understanding of the role and control of sleep, even in humans."

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Just learned about the tag #lichenSubscribe, so good!
So here’s the ones I know, if you are into plants, fungi and symbioses of the two:
- #florespondence
- #mosstodon
- #sporespondence
- #lichenSubscribe
- I’ve used #veggiespondence for gardening before but not sure if that’s widely used

Any others?

I think the best way to approach individual ecological action is in a spirit of rebellion, not duty.

like they want you to pay for an entire new thing because a minor piece of your thing broke. that's not just wasteful, it's nonsensical. you know better, your way is just more reasonable. they're trying to control you but you won't bow down to them. so you fix the thing, or you buy plastic-free, or you go vegan, while raising a middle finger and saying "fuck you I won't do what you tell me".

and you know that fixing the thing or buying plastic-free or going vegan won't save the world but you're not doing it to save the world, you're doing it to build up your own revolutionary personality.

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Foraging experiment, non-alcoholic beverage 

So, the state flower of Oregon, Mahonia aquifolium (aka Berberis aquifolium), or Tall Oregon Grape, is not a grape. It's in the barberry family, Berberidaceae, and is native to the Pacific Northwest, where it's historically been eaten by indigenous peoples in small amounts. It's naturally bitter, but it's edible, and I know it's been used to make wine. However, I wanted to see about making a non alcoholic beverage out of them.

Fortunately, landscaping companies sometimes go wild planting this species, and you can have an area with a ton of these plants. A short walk from my work, there's a handful of these and I collected the berries. After washing them, I added a little bit of hot water and mashed them as best as I could.

Straining them through a coffee filter, I got a decent amount of the tart, astringent juice without any of the seeds, to which I added a bit more hot water and some sugar, and I let the mixture sit for a little bit - about 10 minutes or so.

The result is a juice that tastes pretty good (once it's cool enough, it's not refreshing while hot). It has a kind of earthy but fruity smell to it, kind of similar to plums. It's probably worth playing around with the water and sugar ratio and seeing what works for you, and those are both important to add, unless you're the kind of person who drinks 100% unsweetened cranberry juice without watering it down.

The pictures don't really do it justice, they make it appear more like a tomato color, but it's really more similar to a watermelon red in person.

#UrbanForaging #drinks #beverages

"Simply adding “Let’s think step by step” before each answer increases the accuracy on MultiArith from 17.7% to 78.7% and GSM8K from 10.4% to 40.7% with GPT-3."

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