right when I thought my life can't get any worse my dad got diagnosed with lung cancer in a higher stage


probably one of my only (more or less) talents is programming

I really like doing it but at the same time I have exactly 0 ideas

when I do start on something I lose motivation rapidly

what the fuck is this, some sort of doomer personality?

project: fix sleeping schedule

let's see how long I'll stay awake

looks like awesomewm really deserves its name

I can practically program a full desktop environment in Lua lol.

flight simulator 2020 has a 1GB client but the actual game is being downloaded inside the client (~94gb) with stupid background music and unnecessary resource usage (30% cpu, ~1.5gb ram and ~35% GPU) for what exactly?

cleaning my gmail inbox(-es) for the first time every

15k+ emails, jesus

why is C++ cross-platforming literally the biggest pain in the ass I've ever felt

makes me want to learn shit like Rust but then again learning their weird syntax and programming conventions is a pain in the ass aswell

wtf is this heat wave this summer I'm fucking dying here

staying up late until 3-5AM is pretty exhausting even if you aren't really doing anything but watching videos, not gonna lie

most of the times I question why I even stayed up late in the first place


pretty good webradio

the irc over at tilde.chat is pretty comfy aswell

Time for some desktop environment hopping lol

Plasma and GNOME are just kinda clunky for me... Maybe LXQt?


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