trying to get to browser zero wish me luck

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just got fired from my job at the wizarding world of harry potter :(((((((( they didnt even offer me a Severus package :(((((((((((

This is not a joke - last night I found a little crab in my house! I wonder how it got here 🦀

If I were to have a super power it would be to read in a moving car without getting a headache.

Trust but verify.

I need to get better at verifying. I've made too many careless mistakes that could have been prevented by verifying.

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i have suddenly gone from one person named kat who follows me, to three people named kat who follow me, in the span of a few seconds

Man I love increasing the playback speed of videos and podcasts 😈

Anyone else celebrate Taco Tuesday? 🌮

This is so exciting! My kitchen herbs are growing! This is my first attempt at growing plants other than sprouting a lima bean in 3rd grade.

Do you borrow books from your local public library?

Usually it's my cats that find a cool new spot in the house they start hanging out in more but this time my dog has. What a plot twist.

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