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oh my god oh my god i didn't know this was how i was going to get cancelled it was an accident oh god i'm going to log off for today now i can't deal with this shit Ujdasfjal;sdf sorry everybody

Suspending anyone using an everyone command. That's some BS right up there with crypto nerds

:boost: Boosts appreciated! :boost:

Hi everyone! I still have a few of my Inktober drawings up for sale and figured I'd make a new toot :D
Prices range from 15€ for the tiniest ones to 50€ for the Big Purple Piece (everything else is below 50) + shipping, via PayPal (or bank transfer if you're in France, to your liking)!
If you'd like additional info, hit me up! I'll keep this toot updated if some of them are sold :happey:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

I have made a post about some Mastodon instances being associated with malware and explaining what I found:

I think it can be interesting for people who are #mastoadmin + would love to have people from #cybersecurity have a look and share any feedback. Thanks.

Leben auf Normalnull. Wo wäre das Wasser, wenn der Wasserspiegel um zwei Meter anstiege? International patrons speak out: “Access to knowledge shouldn’t be for the rich and privileged.”

also We’ll see demonstrations of blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFT and decentralized storage projects in action.

Finally finished up this illustration of Dorian and everything that could've been in that masquerade ball episode

I can't believe I got from the sketch to final within like a week 💀

#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleFanart

#Tiktok geht auf Konfrontation mit #Datenschutz

Personalisierte #Werbung ohne #Einwilligung - gestützt auf „berechtigtes Interesse“

Ab 13. Juli 2022 können NutzerInnen nicht mehr ablehnen, dass ihr Verhalten analysiert und bewertet wird

Art. 6 I f #DSGVO genügt dafür allerdings nicht - und ein #Widerspruch nach Art. 21 DSGVO wird erschwert

Wer sich das nicht gefallen lässt, beschwert sich beim @lfdi 😡👍

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