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#OtD 13 Jan 1943 19-year-old Ukrainian anti-Nazi resistance fighter Ulyana Matveevna Gromova was executed by German forces. She endured days of brutal torture but refused to disclose the names of any of her comrades


◆ ◆ DimMoire Winter Vol.2 ◆ ◆

【 キルティングセーラージャケット】

one color / one size

¥24,200 (tax in)


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This clip of jazz guitarist @stanley_jordan showing off his generative music system programmed on a Commodore 64 is amazing

My tiny hope for creating a different world, moving past this trade-based bullshit society, is shattered every time I see people talk about web3.0. The idea of integrating trade directly into the web. Humans used to trade sheep for shoes. The labor for clothes or whatever. Later they invented a currency to make more complex trades possible. They then got so restarted they started to trade currency for currency.

And the motherfuckers invented the web, a digital space where things don't really exist. They can be replicated. If I have a photo or a book or whatever in this universe, I can share it with anyone and create endless copies.

And now this motherfuckers think that .... well .... let's make these endlessly replicable things unique and thus scarce. Let's NFT the world!

Bravo Internet Archive for imagining this wonderful world of the abundant internet transformed into a shit hole -…

I mean the internet is already a shit hole. And whoever sells digital stuff is part of the shit hole. That's the hard truth. Yeah this society forces you to sell your digital stuff, but at least admit that. Admit it that this is a retardation of our species.

We will trade likes for photos, digital goods for other digital goods. Endless trading into nothingness. More jobs!!! Yay. We have an abundant world of physical goods already, and no doubt of digital goods. And yet humans still think we have to trade for these. The economy is a religion folks. The biggest on earth.

When is the next rocket launch ? I may sneak in so I get sent into space. This species is retarded no end. #tromlive

Hi, I'm Mar del Valle, a queer nonbinary illustrator from Spain! (she/they) 🌈 I love to draw powerful women and queer characters, often with a dark, occult, mythological touch. I also have a soft spot for paganism, witchcraft, vampires, angels, demons and fae.

I'm new on Mastodon, and I'm so happy to be here! 💖

✨Shops and more:

#introductions #introduction #illustration #art #goddess #paganism #witchcraft

Hey, all!

It's a bit unusual for me to move from one instance to another, but I've decided to move from to! You can follow me at @marquiskurt.

tbh the spotify version always sounds better whatever poop youtube is putting out


⚠️ Confirmed: is again in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout as of early morning Thursday.

While service was available, President Tokayev gave a televised speech appealing to Russia for assistance to "protect the state."

📰 Report:


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