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@hugh Hello and welcome to the Fediverse! Hope you like the experience as much as I do (and I once was categorically against any kind of social media, well, before I discovered Mastodon anyway).

Let me give you some pointers (as I assume you are new to Fediverse; if not, then please take my apologies).

✨ Fediverse is a global social network of interconnected servers. There are several types of servers (they are said to implement the ActivityPub specification): Mastodon, Pleroma. pixelFed and GNU Social are among the most prominent.

✨ is a nice Mastodon instance. It, of course, has some rules you should follow. @koyuchan is the administrator and owner of this instance.

✨ When you visit a user on another server, the process is seamless, as the servers can interoperate. You can still see the profile on the original instance though, if you want. You refer to a local user as @ user and to a remote one as @ user @ instance (without spaces).

✨ The feed is chronological and only has posts of people you follow.

✨ A good account to follow is @FediFollows. They recommend interesting accounts around Fediverse.

✨ Hashtags work too!

I hope you will find this info useful. Have fun!

P.S. KFC is actually not that bad, when compared to e.g. McDonalds ;-)

Felt kinda inspired by Emily artfuls video about how she improved her art so I made some ort

Menschen mögen Namen lieber als Zahlen. Deshalb wurde das Domain Name System (DNS) erfunden, um Namen wie in IP-Adressen zu übersetzen. Mit "nslookup" kann man nachschauen, ob ein Hostname von einem DNS-Server gefunden wird.

Dem Befehl kann auch die IP-Adresse eines DNS-Servers für die Namensauflösung mitgeben werden, z.B. mit dem von Google. Damit kann man dann testen, ob der DNS-Server den gesuchten Hostnamen auch auflöst.

#WhatsAppDown #FacebookDown #Linux

This internet shutdown is a smokesreen to distract you from the fact Windows 11 released today

Facebook being down is bringing fedi together and it is so wholesome :eyjafjalla_pray:

everybody gangster until the facebook stock drops and the servers go down

Everybody is crying about #instagram, #whatsapp and #facebook... I dont have any issue with my #mastodon server

❤️ #fediverse ❤️

if the dns resolver for should go down for whatever reason there will be a tor backup. all hail the onion router.

I got glitch working again for Pleroma -))

我让 glitch 在 Pleroma 高头又能用了 -))
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