I'd really like to see Matrix being implemented into Mastodon like we had in diaspora* with XMPP instead of relying on some homebrew ActivityPub thing with extra encryption. Also this would make it entirely optional and up to the admins if they want to set up such a thing.

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@drq try setting up full-text search. I'm not sure if adoption will be a thing outside of Mastodon once that feature launches.

@koyuchan I am definitely a fan of XMPP for some things but I don’t agree with your characterisation of ActivityPub as “home brew.” It’s a w3c standard.

@torgo well, adding encryption makes it out of spec, doesn't it?

@koyuchan I see your point. I think this needs be an extension or revision to the standard. @rhiaro any thoughts?

@koyuchan As I recall XMPP in Diaspora was very basic but still pain to support and they ended up removing it.
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