if elon musk wants to buy twitter why didn't he just set up a mastodon instance?

@alunpg I mean instance admins control their own space. You can even disable federation entirely on Mastodon.

yes "their own space" but in a centralised system you have complete control, no other instances blocking you, 'cause there is only one instance.

@koyuchan I guess he doesn't want to build a willing user base from scratch and would rather just take the existing one captive.

@koyuchan If you want a Burgerking Burger you dont go and buy meat patties, buns, salat, cheese, ….
It's that easy. He doesn't want to create a new service, he wants twitter. And to be fair, his mastodon instance would be full of elon fans and so worth nothing, not even time to post on there. Thats the problem with social services by popular poeple/comapnies.

@pixelcode i mean same, just so i know what shit he's up to next. always watch your enemies.

@koyuchan Well, I'm actually kinda interested in what he does, especially regarding SpaceX. For example, two years ago I watched the first manned Crew Dragon launch live – it was so cool! 😄

Doesn't mean he's not a shitty employer and bad person though. 🤷

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