So here's what happened

  • My old account @koyu got corrupted and failed loading profiles at some point so I created @koyuchan
  • This is now my new official handle
  • All posts had to be deleted as well so :blobcatsad:
  • Now ~2k people tried to follow me and send DMs which the server could handle, but
  • at the same time I wanted to update it so I killed off the daemon to save resources while it updates

I'm a big baka and I aplogize to @zack for the extra server load. Sorry!

Also follow our new apprentice making great art: @Shorl (they deserve it)

@koyuchan hey, at least you dont kill it for months at the time, all your users leave and dont return

unlike me :blobcatgooglycry:

@gaige oof yeah, this one will stay alive for a looong time. 2 hours of downtime might be normal depending on the was also probably doing backups at the same time 😬

@norm @a1batross yeah, pleroma has been buggy with federation for ages now

@norm @koyuchan press that button again. Maybe server was busy re-following all the people and dropped follow request I dunno
@a1batross @koyuchan now it works, though I had to use Pleroma Fe instead of Husky.
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