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So here's what happened

  • My old account @koyu got corrupted and failed loading profiles at some point so I created @koyuchan
  • This is now my new official handle
  • All posts had to be deleted as well so :blobcatsad:
  • Now ~2k people tried to follow me and send DMs which the server could handle, but
  • at the same time I wanted to update it so I killed off the daemon to save resources while it updates

I'm a big baka and I aplogize to @zack for the extra server load. Sorry!

Also follow our new apprentice making great art: @Shorl (they deserve it)

One day when I have enough developers I can hopefully have an alternative to Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey and the sort. The thing should do the following:

  • Option to migrate a database to the new software
  • All features of
  • Cleaner and easier to maintain codebase being fully in NodeJS, not one part Ruby here and the other one Node
  • Scalable across multiple data centers using gigabit ethernet
  • Option to search through everyone's posts
  • Groups and circles
  • A way to follow hashtags
  • Admin-approved featured section
  • Possibility to add sponsored posts in the future, of course without user tracking and all that bullshit
  • hCaptcha support to keep all the bots out
  • Fully automated user role colours and Stripe integration for donator features like donator role color and featuring on front page
  • Event calendar
  • Reactions
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Chris Were does videos and podcasts about technology, free open source software, gaming, Linux and all kinds of other stuff. You can follow at:


If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see them all at

(You can also follow his non-video posts at and

#ChrisWere #Videos #Technology #Linux #Computing #Gaming #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #PeerTube #PeerTubers #Vlog #Vlogging #Vlogs

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#deltarune chapter 2 ius out - I just noticed.
I knwo what im gonna do on sunday! :underheart:

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what they don't tell you is that the fediverse logo is actually a summoning circle

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Leonie :pb::blobcat: :breadified: boosted that depends on what you use the cardboard for. For the straws, there's plenty of articles that give some rather clear reasons for why paper straws are actually complete and utter bullshit:

Short reason: cardboard and paper are easy to recycle, yes, IF the material isn't contaminated with other substances. So for the paper straws, they actually get too contaminated by the drinks you suck through them, so the entire straw can't be recycled anymore. Thus, the paper straw is actually more harmful than the plastic straw.

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Ihr erinnert euch an die Anzeige der CDU gegen Lilith Wittmann wegen des "hackens" der cduconnect-App?

Zitat Lilith Wittmann: "Die Staatsanwaltschaft hat das Verfahren eingestellt. Weil die #CDU nämlich keine Sicherheitsmaßnahmen ergriffen hatte, die ich umgehen hätte können. Ich habe die #CDU also nicht gehackt"

Haha :D

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Also please go and get fossil-gemini-git from the AUR and leave a vote, thanks

I wonder when @snowdusk__ joins the geminispace so I don't have to load up a whole fucking website to read his blog posts

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Two thirds of your sent emails are end-to-end encrypted! 🥳🥳🥳 This is a rise of six per cent compared to 2018 and of a staggering 27% compared to 2015.
This proves what we have believed from the start: When encryption is easy to use, people will use it. And it is awesome for everyone's security on the web. Keep encrypting! 💪

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