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So here's what happened

  • My old account @koyu got corrupted and failed loading profiles at some point so I created @koyuchan
  • This is now my new official handle
  • All posts had to be deleted as well so :blobcatsad:
  • Now ~2k people tried to follow me and send DMs which the server could handle, but
  • at the same time I wanted to update it so I killed off the daemon to save resources while it updates

I'm a big baka and I aplogize to @zack for the extra server load. Sorry!

Also follow our new apprentice making great art: @Shorl (they deserve it)

Today is the first Global Encryption Day!

🔒 Encryption makes life safer. Without it, our banking details, personal conversations, medical history, and everything in between is on display.

Now is the time to #MakeTheSwitch to encrypted services (like Tor!)


i can really recommend installing ani-cli from the aur....arch btw

"We were unable to locate the content in question."

yeah ok

they also removed votes, content warnings and post visibility, wow

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it looks like truthsocial won't federate since they removed the local timeline, public timeline and profile directory which are cruicial for content discovery


Hey everyone! I'm cronomaestro, but you can call me crono for short! I'm , but I also speak and , and struggle a lot with and .

I listen to , , , and music. I'm a self-proclaimed devourer of , and I like to dabble with every once in a while. I'm bi and . I used to suffer from depression and anxiety for a while, but now I'm more in control of my life. I keep a personal on notebooks.

I love playing graphical and text , , , and turn-based games. I love , but I'll soon test . I enjoy and . I dig pineapple on pizza!

I'm still figuring out how things work here. I'll post mainly in Italian, but I'll make sure to post in the other languages as well.

Catch ya later!

@piggo @dashie
I fucking hope they try to federate at first

That's a shitshow I'd pay to see

at some point i hope the server room looks like this

got it fixed, the date conversion function was a little fucky and tried to convert dates twice which obviously doesn't work

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