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no way bro i thought it was stored on a machine some guy named bob has sitting in his attic somewhere

It's estimated that I get my Xbox devkit up and running in the next few days. Next up is getting some demos running on it and once we got a working prototype I could pitch the game idea to Microsoft. So excited!!

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I should get an Xbox devkit running, for real this time International patrons speak out: “Access to knowledge shouldn’t be for the rich and privileged.”

also We’ll see demonstrations of blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFT and decentralized storage projects in action.

this is how the first version of mastodon looked like back in 2016:

only ogs will remember

Google & Facebook wird vorgeworfen seit 2018 eine Vereinbarung über die Versteigerung von Online-Werbung zu haben, um höhere Preise zu erzielen. Im 🌍 💻 Werbemarkt hat Google einen Anteil v. 28,6 %, Facebook 23,7, mehrere 🇺🇸 Bundesstaaten klagen


Design differences between Overwatch 1 (on the right) and Overwatch 2 (on the left). Rumor has it they're "simplifying" designs because the game will be mobile compatible.


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