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Hello, comrades, this is an on all leftist radio frequencies.

I'm Leonie and I run This place exists in its current form since 2018, but the concept of federated social media was sitting in my drawer since the early 2010s, so I've been thinking about and exploring the fediverse way before even Mastodon was a thing. You can ask me anything about the fediverse and I can probably answer it. My primary languages are en_GB.UTF-8 and de_DE.UTF-8 and my /etc/localtime is symlinked to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin. I'm also a huge nerd and Linux user, my favourite video games are Fortnite and the Life is Strange series. If you want to know more about me you can visit my website at

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Heute ist #IDAHOBIT, der Internationale Tag gegen Homo-, Bi-, Inter- und Transfeindlichkeit.

Einige werden jetzt vielleicht sagen: "Ihr habt doch schon gleiche Rechte!" Aber dem ist nicht so. Noch immer gibt es das diskriminierende TSG und leider zeigen nahezu alle Statistiken aktuell einen Anstieg der queerfeindlichen Gewalttaten und das auch hier in Deutschland. Scheinbar gleiche Rechte zu haben heißt eben nicht gleichzeitig auch akzeptiert zu werden. [1/2]

It's time to

A nice little video with an important reminder about tracking and privacy on the internet, in relation to "Big Tech".

Plus it has cats in it! 😺

#banspying #privacy

For more information 👉

(Disclaimer: This video is by Consumers’ Association of Iceland but done in collaboration with my employer [Vivaldi Technologies])

should i give a fuck about people not running mastodon and edit posts instead?

@Gargron can we get voice notes in the official Mastodon app? 👉 👈

Happy Monday! Some of you asked if there's an official Mozilla #Matrix server, and there is:

Head over to

RT @giggling_stars
I don't know why Linux is trending but Hi I'm a linux user/artist and I make all my art in Linux and Opensource software and it's great I don't miss Windows at all <3

#Rust help requested. I am officially at wits end here.

Please take a look at my source file

I'm getting a borrow checker error E0597 on line 39, indicating that tc does not live long enough. However, looking at the sdl2 sources (via its rust-docs), I don't see how my created texture, t, can possibly still refer to tc, which as far as I'm aware, is the only way this error can be generated under current conditions.

error[E0597]: `tc` does not live long enough
--> src/
14 | impl<'a> SdlState<'a> {
| -- lifetime `'a` defined here
39 | let mut t = tc
| _____________________^
40 | | .create_texture(
41 | | Some(sdl2::pixels::PixelFormatEnum::RGBA8888),
42 | | sdl2::render::TextureAccess::Streaming,
43 | | self.width,
44 | | self.height,
45 | | )
| |_____________^ borrowed value does not live long enough
49 | self.current_texture.set(Some(t));
| --------------------------------- argument requires that `tc` is borrowed for `'a`
56 | }
| - `tc` dropped here while still borrowed

Why is this happening? Why can't I re-arrange the code to prevent this from happening?

Right now, the only way this code will compile and run correctly is if I manually inject the re-paint code where I invoke f(), which utterly defeats the purpose and benefit of using closures in the first place.

In an attempt to fix this, I've tried:

  1. Replacing the Cell with RefCell.
  2. Removing Cell all-together and just using a raw Option type.
  3. Removing the 'a lifetime annotation.

None of these work, and almost always introduce some manner of errors on their own.

Please help. Thanks.

Some Fediverse alternatives to "big tech" social media:

Twitter ➡️ @Mastodon

Instagram ➡️ @pixelfed

YouTube ➡️ @peertube

Twitch ➡️ @owncast

Goodreads ➡️ @bookwyrm

Facebook Groups ➡️ @mobilizon

Medium ➡️ @writefreely

You don't need an account on all of these in order to interact with them.

Because they all use the ActivityPub open protocol, you can (for example) use a Mastodon account to follow someone on PixelFed or vice versa. That's why they are collectively known as the Fediverse, because they federate together at a technical level.

Also, this is an incomplete list, there are many other Fedi projects out there such as @funkwhale or @inventaire that are not direct alternatives but are their own thing.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Fedi #ActivityPub

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