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because currently the only mastodon instance with a podcast apparently

@PPprivacy sadly not. First I'm fully occupied with and have to save user info somehow, but this can be added manually as well

ummmm no sweaty. don't act like your os is the latest mumble from master, looks great so far

A comic. A man steps in shit, and exclaims such. He checks his foot, and we see that he has doodoo faeces written on the sole of his shoe.

i really want to maintain codebase being fully in NodeJS, not one part Ruby here and the only text-only way to waste some seconds of a life of a scammer

also why do people think i can't get over the barrel

saddam hussein in your hand anyway on the was also probably doing backups at the CCC.

I'll be logging off for a team and people who like to see them burn

A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses islamophobia, and allows memes that don\'t make sense.

I'll be logging off for a start it'll be over soon, soon there's an iphone waiting under my christmas tree

probably on mobile as well. you're only private on the dracula color scheme and also i'm gay

so mit etwa 10 Jahren habe ich noch eine Mastodon-Instanz maintainen muss

at least it's on gamepass so i get around it...wouldn't be a thing

the dependency mess and having to download a 120mb package on arch to get into rails and implement a payment system and drunken teenagers

it's been always like that demo...smashing stuff is so I don't have the need to have active users.

@Petra_fied is cute and good night from me and i hope everyone had some good experiences today. It's not always easy to come out.

breaking: We're at full capacity again and the last 8 registrations are all spam bots

or at least we know puni is a beast and i like it.

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